About Us

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is based on respect for self and others: for the parents, families, and their values; for each individual child in the group environment; for the staff as individuals, and members of a team; for the wider community.

Children play a vital role in our society, and the Centre seeks to enhance their growth, in partnership with their families. We believe in the importance of parents and staff working together, and in the Centre’s role as a component of the wider community.

We provide a warm and supportive environment, which fosters learning, enhances each child’s individual development, and encourages children to have fun and express joy in their learning experience.

For many parents, the provision of child care services is crucial to enable them to work, study, have leisure time, job security, and compete in their work career structure. We encourage use of the Centre’s services for a variety of purposes, and to see it as a place that provides high quality, safe child care during all hours.

At all times the Centre’s staff and management strive for excellence in achieving high quality in every area of our service. We are dedicated to the ongoing involvement of families and the wider community.

We are committed to working together with families to ensure that our unique service has a lasting impact on the life and learning of all children in our care. We believe that all families have a right to quality child care.