History Of City Community Children's Centre

City Community Children’s Centre has been a wonderful child care initiative in which we have gained the full support of all Unions, the State office of the Department of Health and the Children's Services Office. The Centre began as an initiative of the Public Service Association of South Australia Inc, The Finance Sector Union, and the Union SA (previously known as United Trades and Labour Council), which together applied for funding for a 24 hour day, 7 day week work-based child care service in the central business district of Adelaide.

Opening in July 1987, the Centre initially operated long day care for 12 hours a day 5 days a week for the first six months, after which we commenced operations 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. This has been reduced again in recent years, but the Centre still holds the aim of operating 7 days a week, depending on demand. In 1992 City Community Children’s Centre opened a purpose built, two-storey second campus in Norman Street (initially referred to as the Sturt Street Campus). In July 1995 City Community Children’s Centre became the first Community Centre in South Australia to operate with an Employer Sponsored Child Care Agreement. 2007 saw a name change to ‘City Community Children’s Centre’ from ‘City Child Care Centre’.

The Centre functions on the community-based model and provides care for any parent for any purpose and adheres to the access guidelines provided by the Department of Health. We operate as one Child Care Centre with two campuses, and therefore have a single Management Committee and one Director. City is a multi-function centre, meaning that we provide care for any child at any time of the day, provided a space is available. This requires a flexible management approach and a non-traditional approach to service provision.

The Centre currently operates 105 long day care places and 40 evening and night places. The benefit of our experience may ensure the success and viability of other 24 hour child care centres and the Management Committee is only too willing to provide assistance to other Child Care Centres.